Save Money Using Free Coupons This New Year 2014

By | January 6, 2014

Recent statistics reveal that coupon clippers have taken over checkout lines with their whooping record numbers. Initially clipping coupons were most common on Sunday newspapers. Later, these coupons were also publicized on weekly circulars via mail and magazines. Now, as mobile and internet coupons have gained more popularity, discounted prices is a great attraction among people of all ages irrespective of income.

As the shopping is just around the corner, the following tips could be of great help on how to save money using coupons!

1. Finding Coupons

Gone are those days when coupons were offered only via newspapers. Now you can find coupons on local specials as well. Some of the websites solely focus on coupon deals from manufacturers. Finding coupons on the web is a hassle-free task compared to finding coupons on newspapers and magazines

 2. Keep an eye on your calendar

The usual sales cycle is 4-8 weeks. Best online deals are proffered thrice in a month. The best time to check for online coupons is between 1st -3rd of the month, in the middle of the month, i.e. 14th-16th or end of the month, i.e. after 28th.

3. Expiry Date – An important point to be noted

Either the demand or limited supply of products forces the stores to have an expiry date for the coupons. The stores also have rights to close the coupon deals before the projected date without any prior notice. Thus, acting quickly could be wise as there are chances that the coupon may not be available the next day.

4. Do not limit your search only to Google

Googling for coupon codes might only fetch you popular or generic code which may or may not guarantee a best discount. The best way to research for coupons would be visiting the coupon deal sites directly. These coupon sites will have direct tie up with the retailers. Thus, you can discover exclusive coupons here which may not come up in Google search results.

5. Increase your saving by stocking up

If you have huge inventory of items to purchase, then you are eligible for a better value coupon.  Wondering how? Buy all possible items in your purchase list from the same retailer to get maximum discount. If your purchase inventory is not that big, then you can ask your friend or family member to join you for a combined shopping so that you don’t miss any discounts.

As per latest industry standards, around 80% of consumers feel smarter when they use coupons.  Why wait? With the above tips on how to use the coupons, it’s now time for you to find best coupon deals and feel smarter!


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