Boo-tiful Halloween Makeup Ideas and Ghost Costumes 2017

By | October 26, 2017

Halloween day always brings the best creator out of you. To prep you for the holiday, we are serving up some funky and pretty Halloween makeup ideas and Ghost Costumes 2017.

I love food-themed costumes, but I hate spending endless hours for the day. If you are a fan of DIY like me, go for ice cream Halloween costume. I believe this is one of the cute and ever trending Halloween makeup ideas for kids. All you need is fairy white ballerina style skirt and shoes, mini popsicle sticks and some bright colors to paint them, brown paper, bobby pins and hot glue gun for hair-do. Attach colored popsicle sticks (which are sprinkles) to the dress with the help of hot glue. Make a roll into the shape of cone with sparkling brown paper and secure it to your hair with bobby pins. Have a light make up with pinkish brown color on the face. That will do for your next Halloween day.

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Ghost Costumes: It would be fun to scare your guests and neighbors on the Halloween day. And the party is not over without a ghost Halloween costumer around. Fortunately, you do not have to spend a fortune on this if you’ve got a big full-white blanket. This works as an amazing Halloween ghost costume if you are either a last minute(r). This no sew costume will be completed with a white bedsheet and a pair of scissors. And if you are not a crafter, start looking online for unique dresses. There is something for everyone; both scary and not-so-frightening, zombie-ish and ponchos for the cuter kids.

Couple Halloween: Halloween night is more fun when you are planning it with your special ones. I am always inspired by period dramas and fantasies, and thinking hard that my Halloween couple costume this year should be something out of this. Games of Thrones is what immediately stroke me and decided to do Jon Snow and Ygritte theme.

A standard huge black fur coat and his signature cap is all you need for Jon. As he is in Night’s Watch phase which means he will wear black on black on black. Tuck your black shirt on to your black pants with the leather boots and gloves. It suits if you have a short curly black hair, if it is not, make it. And a toy sword and wolf ring adds to the look. Ygritte is special for her hair-do. Unless you have a red hair naturally or colored, or a wig, the character is not complete. Layer a bunch of rags on off-shite tee and fur hooded jacket is a plus. Present yourself with a Northern English accent and it’s all set. The very last step is interesting to do! Use snow white paint and dap it on your costumes to create some snow effect.

Picking a perfect Halloween costume is like picking a perfect avocado; it is never easy. Keep it simple and eye-catchy. The Halloween is now international: spin the globe and dress up in your favorite costume and enjoy the creepy treats, spooky cocktails and baked pumpkin cake.

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