Tips to Be Smart on this Thanksgiving DIY Crafts and Day Decor Ideas

By | November 13, 2017

Gatherings are more than just about food, right? Decorating with the costliest households consumes most of your money and it is an outdated way. So we are being smart this time with DIY techniques; Do It Yourself, creating things with fall leaves, pinecones or personalization ideas absolutely impresses your dinner guests and feel extra special. If you are like most of the people who like DIY decorations, here is a great collection of ways to beautify the place and make this Thanksgiving day of 2017 a treat for the eyes.

Door Greetings:

Things to have: Chalkboard paint, Piece of chalk, an old tray.

Make the guests feel the warmth right from the entrance of your house. Door wreaths are pretty common these days; add a little creativity to greet the guests in a charming way. Take an old, unused tray and paint it with chalkboard paint. Take care that the tray should be pretty big to be seen on the door. Write your warm greetings or a nice quote which reflects the occasion. Decorate it with colourful fall leaves or bittersweet berries for a striking finish. It is one of the best saving tips- 2017 because it can be easily wiped off and reused for next occasion.

Apple candles:

Things to have: Tiny apples with flat bottoms, tea lights, knife to drill apples.

Drill apples to one inch and make sure the tea lights don’t go deep or pop up. It is better to follow the measurements for better outcome. Fix tea lights in the holes and place them on a cake stand or wherever it elevates the candles. It serves as a short-time centrepiece because apples can be rotten and hence disturb the party mode. So, get it done right before the gathering starts. For more discounts on wicks and candles, use coupons codes and deals available in

Chalkboard paint:

Things to have: Chalkboard paint, brush to paint, pieces of chalk.

Select an item on which the chalkboard paint has to be applied; copper plate is an ideal piece. Apply two to three coats of paint with the help of brush and let it dry for some time. Once it is ready, grab the chalk and go crazy with words or art. You can stun the guests by presenting it as a menu card which can be hanged in the dining place.

Leftover labels:

Things to have: Recycled plain bags, foil.

The end should be as eye-candy as the start and here there are bowl full of mashed potatoes, half eaten meat and of course table still full of food. You can send it to your friends and neighbours but this year in the most impressive way. Pack up the Thanksgiving remaining in trendy bags on which leftover labels are glued. Wrap each leftover item in foils and place them in those bags to have a great after day of Thanksgiving. To be more original make your kids paints on the bags.

Make your guests leave the house chatting what a great hostess you are! Follow us for more Thanksgiving ideas 2017.  

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