10 Surprising Ways Social Media Can Help You Save Money

Social media are easy to buy best deal without wasting time. You can share your information, news with your family and friends. Here are 10 ways to save money and time using social network.

  • Follow on social network

Follow top brands and stores like Green smart living, Garden tower projects etc., on social media on Facebook and Twitter to know updated online discount coupons. These last-minute deals on facebook coupon stores give you brief handy dashboard rather than dozen of email messages each day.

  • Track your spending

Limit your daily purchases from your phone using “Tweet What You Spend” twitter app. This app will send information about purchases from your smart phone and save coupons codes for future use.

  • Evergreen Pinterest

Pinterest is cheap and easy way to save money.  Pinterest offers ideas to buy all necessary day to day items.

  • Free social apps

Foursquare is free app that sends alert check in messages to your smart phone about discount coupons offered by retailers in the form of Flightcar Coupons, Forbes and Lewis Coupon Codes etc. It also shows alert in your facebook account according to your shopping preferences.

  • Advantages of hashtag

Hashtag(#) is well known as the pound sign to categorize postings. Searching #coupon or #promo revile number of discount coupons. Using hashtag coupons you can post your complain on company facebook or twitter page about product.

  • Create Twitter list

Twitter offers you to follow and create separate list of pages according categories. You can check these pages whenever you need that product.

  • Get spontaneous customer services

Get your problem solved within shot period of time by just posting your complaint in companies social media page. They will provide best solution to your problem and better service.

  • Find best freebies

Freebies are database sites which are active on social media that offers discount coupons like retailers and stores.

  • Best lending websites

Lending websites that matches lenders with borrowers biased on FICO credit score. The goal of these websites is to save interest rate of borrowers by cutting out middleman.

  • Setback financial worry

Reach your financial goals using smarty pig. It is an online banking which lets you share your need with your family, friends and followers on social network.

The coupon deals on social media are cheap because it cuts cost of middleman. But be aware of identity theft and fraud while sharing your personal information. In facebook and twitter you can control your privacy settings.