10 Tips to Make Your Pet Care More Affordable

One day I noticed my puppy was struggling with bloated stomach, I rushed him to the vet. The vet examined him for a few minutes and asked me the amount of food I put for the puppy the previous night. I realized that he had 3 cups of food to his one cup stomach. Later, puppy let out a loud burp and he is happy. This isn’t serious but I am shocked when the bill was $100. We always want our furry special member of the family to be healthy – but within our budget. Here are some saving tips on pets to find less expensive pet care.

Buy Food in Bulk: The bigger the package, the cheaper it will cost. If you are like me, and like to purchase in bulk, then you’re in for a treat. Many retailers and online stores gives special offers when the pet food is bought in bigger quantities. And it also saves your time and efforts.

Cheap food can be okay: For healthy pets, with no allergies or specific health problems, buying cheap food is not a problem. Specific ingredients and nutritional content is a diet for pets who has health issues. In most cases, most expensive pet food is not the best food, cheap food is not the worst one. Only thing to be kept in your mind while purchasing is to check whether the food has the ingredients with high nutritional values.

Know about pet: To save more on pet’s care, knowing about breed, age and life stage, weight and its activity is important – each pet has different formula. To make it more understandable, my pet dog is very young and it does not need high nutrients as the adult ones.

Shop online: There are number of sites with cashbacks, coupons and deals for pet food to save more on pet’s care. Not only for food, you can approach for online medication to order pet meds, lotions and other pet care items.

Practice Preventative care: Healthier the pet is; less likely he needs expensive care. Regular feed of healthy diet, grooming, check-ups, taking good oral care are some of the pet care tips which mostly avoid expensive medical bills. When possible do bathe, teeth cleaning to your pet at home to avoid expensive pet care homes, I love to clip my golden retriever’s nails.

Insurance: According to RSPCA, almost 50% of UK pets need treatment once in a year which causes whopping amount to the owners. Pet insurance covers wellness, illness, emergency trips to the vet.

Approach vet school: Schools are cheaper than clinics, the pets are taken care of students under the guidance of a doctor.


Find a charity: There are number of charity homes for pets. If you can’t afford for an expensive medication and care, try reaching the nearest pet financial aid related organizations.

Pet proofing: Many things come under when you want to pet proof your house. Remove access to household hazards while you are not around, keep your pet confined to one area, avoid toxic plants are very few in the list.

Adopt them: This is not just to save money but to encourage adoption of abandoned animals. The money saved in buying them can be used for the care.

The pet is the addiction to the home. It is important to keep-an-eye on its health and happiness, whether you are an experienced pet parent or first-timer. So, these are our 10 ways to save money on pet in most affordable ways.