3 Shopping Commandments You Should Follow

Falling for shopping whenever there is a chance, is a weakness everyone has. Whether it is online shopping or going to the nearest mall, you will find that you are getting excited at the simple prospect of spending some money on things that you have been eyeing for a long time. Hold on, don’t get carried away. Before you step out of your house or put your computer on, consider what you are about to do. If you have a set of rules for a game the game can never go awry. So before starting the shopping spree set down a few rules to keep yourself, your family, and your finances safe.

Making a list of things

The first thing that you should do is to make a list of all the things that you have to buy. The things you need do not mean the things that others have bought. It means the things that you can buy without going overboard. When the list is complete, look for online shopping coupons offered by the website you trust. Do not get fooled by sites you do not know. You can get the best deals and save a lot of money by using these coupons at couponsbooth.com. A trusted site and the best buy coupons and deals are the best combinations that you can have.

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Read between the lines

The rules for shopping or shopping commandments should make you careful when selecting the items you want to buy from an online site. You should go through the fine print, know everything about the item, the price, the delivery charges, the return policies and the cancellation procedures. You should also know the process for tracking your purchase from the time it was packed to the time it arrived at your doorstep. Missing any one of these may land you into a problem.

Paying for the purchase

You should never pay for anything with your debit card. Never give out your personal details and always pay with your credit card. The online discount coupons may look very attractive. But if your bank account is wiped clean by divulging information you should not have, then you will regret it to your dying day. Paying with credit cards is safer because you are protected from fraud and your maximum liability will be approximately $50. Keep copies of all transactions that you have made because you do not know what documents you may need if anything goes wrong.