3 Simple Ways To Become Coupon Savvy – Coupons Booth

You can save a lot of money by becoming a couponing enthusiast. It does not matter if you are new to the idea, you can start being one whenever you want to. There are daily coupons and deals occurring at the very moment you are thinking about this couponing craze. Just thinking about it won’t do. Get down to doing it and you will never regret it. Couponing is fun when you make it a habit, and it is better when the money you save by couponing fetches you something that you wanted for so long but could not get it.

Finding the coupons:

The first thing that any extreme couponing tips will tell you is that your local store is the best place where you can find these coupons. You can see the “peeling” stuck on products that you buy, ready to be peeled off. You can find the “blinkies” in the coupon dispensers stuck on the shelves. You can get the promo “catalinas”. The coupons can give you discounts on OYNO or “On Your Next Order”. Other sources of coupons include the mailbox, the Sunday newspapers, and magazine. Look out for the coupons arriving in your mailbox or you can use search engines  and cut them out from Sunday papers and magazines for future use.

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Filing the coupons:

Organizing the coupons in alphabetical order, or according to things they can buy or the date of expiry will prove to be a great advantage in the long run. Spend some fixed time each day to organize your coupons, so that you can use the right coupon at the right time for discount shopping. If you are crazy about online shopping, then you can browse the sites that are giving the best online coupons and deals. But be careful that the website is known to you and trusted to avoid any future problems.

Know the coupon policies:

Presenting the coupon to the cashier may not get you the discount you are looking for. To get the best deals from popular stores, you have to be aware of the coupon policies of that store. If it is not displayed anywhere, ask for a copy and always carry it with you when you want to use the discount coupons. The cashier may not be aware of the shop’s coupon policies, and you may have to show the policies to him to get the discounts. Be polite and respectful when arguing with the cashier or the manager and you will get the same in return.