6 Tips to Reduce Spending on Your Next Vacation

According to the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the percentage of average amount spent by Americans on vacation is gradually creeping up every year. Not surprisingly, the biggest portion of an average American income goes to the pocket of vacation and travelling. Travelling and being on vacation is unavoidable and usually expensive, but it will be more expensive when it is not planned ahead. By following some simple rules, your next getaway will be more affordable.

Use Coupons – Sign up for the websites like couponsbooth ahead of your vacation, which alerts you on the daily deals and discounts on events, hotels and shopping coupons. Coupons aren’t just for food and entertainment; we can find some great concessions on vacations activities like sky diving and parasailing. Save money and time by purchasing daily deals for hotels and vacation packages on discount websites like couponsbooth.

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Shop Local – Shop at farmer’s market and local stores instead of depending on restaurant food for every meal. In this way, you can save a lot of money as well as tasting local cuisine. Try to use grocery coupons wherever possible to get the maximum cashback discounts.

Book A Room With A Mini Kitchen Set Up –  Look for a room which has microwave and a refrigerator. Generally, people don’t like to cook on their vacations, but I would like to prepare coffee on my own and a simple lunch. Buy some ready-to-eat meals from daily deals available in local shops. If there is a bunch of people, it is advisable to rent an apartment rather than going for adjoining rooms which is expensive in most tourist’s cities.

Pack Some Snacks – Throw some snacks and packed bottled drinks in your bag when you are especially travelling with kids. Having a handful of energy bars, a few apples and a bag of chips will always help you to save money. Keep an empty bottle ready to fill up the water from a drinking water fountain, which helps you in any emergency.

Make use of free Wi-Fi – Text and make call whenever there is free internet. This is also a way to reduce the money on your vacation, because some mobile networks charge more than usual in international usage. Make sure the hotel room or a rented apartment have a free internet service. Using public Wi-Fi might be hazardous, beware of the ways to protect your phone.

Travel Off-Season – Wrong time can be the right time for the getaways. Not just to save the money on airfare and hotels, but also the crowds will be smaller at the places, the pricey attractions will be cheaper in the off-seasons. But make sure the place is open and the weather is decent and comfortable.

Planning is the key for any less budgeted perfect vacation. These are very few rules to follow, there are other tactics to cut down the expenses though.