Best Cosmetics and Make Up Ideas – Makes you to Look More Beautiful

Applying cosmetics is a dream sequence of pampering for every girl with all kinds of sumptuous oils and creams who loves makeup. Beauty experts says the product layering on the face is an art and it should be done in a sequence so that it can be justified for the cosmetic products we use. To give a better and clear picture for today’s generation, we have pulled a guide on the makeup ideas which tells you the perfect order of the products and what has to be used and how.


Preparing your skin for a makeup is important for a natural, flawless glowing look. Moisturizing the skin is the first step to do making up your face and also the best skincare tips for winter. Makeup without moisturize is useless. Before you even think of applying makeup, slather on a moisturizer. Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser that will support your skin type. Cream cleanser helps for dry skin and people who have oily skin has to apply foam cleanser. And also moisturizing helps in getting a perfect canvas for foundation, wait for five minutes after applying moisturizer. OK, you are now free to unzip your makeup bag.

Use a Sponge: It is obvious to get tempted to cover up every imperfection with foundation. But according to makeup artists, a wet or damp sponge is the new best friend available in the market to do the work. One of the best cosmetics ideas is to wet the sponge, squeeze out the excess water. Pour required amount of liquid foundation onto the back of your hand, dip the rounded end of your sponge to the makeup and begin applying to your face. Sponge does not give a cakey or opaque impression. There are different types of sponges available in the market varying from size and shape, choose the one which serves your needs.

Steam Heat: Some people are allergic to steam heat, no matter what the temperature is they use only cold and room-temperature water. But the latest studies say taking a steam bath or at least to your face gives a wide relaxation and it also helps in opening skin pores, especially during winter. Steam heat is the seasonal skincare tips and also became an integral part of skin-care culture forever. There are special machines available to ease the process. Spas will take care of the customers during steaming but when it comes at home, one should be very careful. Putting the face too close to the steamer could cause burns and if it not done right, it may lead to scars even. There are chances of spreading the bacteria due to the moisture and heat.

Break Down Your Makeup: Do not sleep with the makeup on is the most common skincare tip that we usually hear. But we don’t make an effort to remove the makeup due to the laziness or negligence. Removing makeup is equally important as applying it, it harms the skin if it is not removed. Daily cleanser will do the work done to take off foundation and blush. Massage the cleanser over the face and leave it for 15 seconds. Don’t forget the hairline under your chin and around the ears. Wipe with a wet cloth or wash it with water, make sure no traces of foundation is seen on the face. If it seen even after washing it, repeat the process.

Hope these tips to look more beautiful will help you next time you decide to makeup. Commit to the instructions implement them into your daily routine. Use CouponsBooth daily coupons and coupon codes to make your winter look more smarter with glowing skin.