Get Super Bowl Party Plate / Tasty Food Recipes and Ideas

First thing that everyone like at Super Bowl celebrations is food. Everything looks so yummy for the tummy on the day. For the occasion, here is a listing of some of the super bowl food recipes.


There are thousands of different ways to make guacamole but the only staple is avocado. And who doesn’t love avocado. Collect some fresh avocados and take out the flesh out of it. Start mashing them and add salt and lime juice. Now, guac base is ready and prepare the rest. Dice onions, tomatoes, cilantro and throw into it. Stir them. Chop a couple of serrano chillies and add to it because Guacamole is simply rich and chillies make the. Bring everything to heat. Food experts do a real trick here; it can be served as it is. But a splash of either hazelnut oil or walnut oil can be added to give a twist. This guacamole trick takes your Super Bowl party to the next level without hurting the pockets and the best party time tips.

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Double strawberry milkshake:

This is a very beginner recipe and doubles up on deliciousness of the berry. One of the easiest and tasty food recipes in milkshakes that can be whipped up in no time and also perfect for your Insta-story. There is nothing festive than to enjoy a drink (and yes, non-alcoholic) and to whip up this lightened up double strawberry milkshake. So here the recipe and the preparation goes: make sure that the shakes are dairy-free, so they is absolutely no milk or cream yet deliciously creamy and yummy. Gather some fresh strawberries at the local market that were possibly not quite ripe but little more on the sour side. The yummy-ness of any milkshake depends upon the main ingredients, so be careful on choosing them. Take a scoop of strawberry coconut ice cream, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, simple syrup and a spoon of vanilla extract – throw everything into a blender and press start. Pour the double strawberry milkshake into a tall glass and give a final garnish with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Enjoy this 50’s diner favourite which is both dairy-free and vegan.

Exotic Dessert in your Super Bowl plate:

Affogato is an exotic dessert that lets you finish off a meal in style. This is one of the best party food ideas and make the guests super excited about the dish. This dessert is native to Italy and stands for ‘drowned’ in Italian. Affogato is a coffee-based desert, and when cream meets coffee, it is nothing short of comforting! Toss four scoops of vanilla ice cream into a dessert glass and move the glass into a freezer. Brew four shots of espresso. Remove the desert glass from the freezer and add 4 shots of the fresh espresso to the chilled ice cream. Finish off with a sprinkle of demerara sugar. However, since ice cream already has a good measure of sweetness, Demerara sugar is optional. A few biscuits on the sides to while you have your dessert.

So, try these food recipes for 2020 Super Bowl party and be great host.