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5 Ways to Save Money During COVID-19 & Improve Your Credit (COVID-19 Tips)

The global disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted each and every business around the world. It has sent tremors throughout the business world drying up all sales and revenue rendering millions of people jobless. Wages were cut, work contracts taken back, pay rises vanished and the majority of the people were at risk of facing cash crunch.

Fortunately, as businesses are slowly getting back on track, the economy is showing positive signs of recovery. And yet it is extremely important to take care of your financial health by making enough savings lest you face any financial risk in these testing times.
But how do you save money during this crisis? Simple, by reflecting on your current lifestyle and making minor changes you can definitely keep yourself guarded against any impending financial risk.

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At Coupons Booth we have been listed out simple tips to help you do so. Read on to know:

1. Take help from government aid programs:

Evaluate your options your saving must start from checking if you or your business is eligible for government aid programs. There are aid programs that help students to differ their payments and helps a business with loans at a lower interest rate. CARES Act which provides help for individuals and businesses affected by COVID-19 is a good place to start, once you have the aid, it becomes easy to get rid of your financial woes and start a clean slate.

2. Reach out to your credit card company:

In an effort to help credit cardholders during this pandemic, some of the credit card companies are offering moratorium services where you can postpone your payments. Analyze the pros and cons of the move and if it can help you stay in pink of your financial health reach out to your credit card company and opt-in for the service.

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3. Make savings on your groceries:

Groceries usually occupy a major share of your monthly budget. And with the majority of your time being spent at home, you need more groceries than usual. So we advise you to be smart about your grocery shopping by using online discount offers, coupon codes, and discount codes on groceries. At Coupons Booth we are offering the best deals on groceries and other essential items, You can find them here.

4. Avoid takeaways and plan your own meals:

The next major spending after groceries can be attributed to costly food take away. With so much time around you can plan your own meals to save money that is usually spent on takeaways. In addition to making good savings, you can also minimize the risk of infection by staying home. For additional help, you can grab our discount offers and coupon codes on food & drinks here.


5. Take a look at the insurance policies and un-used subscriptions:

As soon as you perfect your food and groceries, take a good look at the insurance and subscriptions. For example premium for car insurance is basically related to the number of miles driven and since you are at home you can reach out to your insurer for a better deal (most of the insurance companies are already offering discounts). The same goes for the gym or any other streaming platform subscriptions that are going unused).

By following the above 5 tips you can definitely guard yourself during this financial crisis by making savings for an emergency fund. By making little efforts you can save big on food and groceries by leveraging the online discount offers, coupons codes, discount codes available at Coupons Booth.

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